1. Tarjeta de fidelidad
This is an example of one commun loyalty card for a lot of different shops.
Every shop has its own password to fill in the points
And every customer has its own loyalty card
You can try out how it works :
- Open the card
- Register yourself by :  - Facebook account - Google account - Email - Registrar aqui
- After registration the card will open
- We gonna put 200 points on the card.
To do this use the password '12345'  and click on the small green button.
Fill in 200 and click on 'OK'
The counter at the top changes to 200
At the bottom, a small red star will flicker - click on it because you have won a reward.
The reward is a discount voucher of 5 euro - click on it and try it out!
2. Empresas participantes
This is a list of all the shops of your city or organization with all the important information like:
address, phone number, email, website.
Restaurants can even publish their menu card and a table reservation tool.
3. Acciones promocionales
Every participant can publish one or more discount coupons
Click on one of them and try it out!
4. Vales Regalo
Every participant can sell gift vouchers
Click on one of them and try it out!
5. Concursos
Your organization of city can organize every week a contest so the customers receive 'scratch and win' coupons or can play the 'wheel of fortune' - Click on it and check it out!
6. Tiendas online
Profiprint can setup an online shop for every participant who needs one.
Or existing online shops can publish a link to their shop.