Algunos ejemplos de proyectos realizados con los sistemas de Coupontools, que forman parte de ProfiConnect.


The City of Holdfast Bay enriched their city marketing when they discovered mobile marketing with Coupontools. City marketing is the promotion of a city, or an area within it, with the purpose of encouraging particular events or activities to take place in those locations.

The annual Winter Wonderland event is a 3-month event, organized by the City of Holdfast Bay in order to promote the local shops and restaurants at Jetty Road, Glenelg.

By using Coupontools’ mobile marketing software, the City of Holdfast Bay and the Jetty Road Mainstreet Committee were able to introduce their Winter Warmers offers for shopping, dining and entertainment. The event was promoted through Facebook, billboards and flyers. Visitors of this joint initiative event could receive the Winter Warmers coupons on Jetty Road, Glenelg’s Facebook page or on the City of Holdfast Bay’s website.

How the Campaign Worked
Coupontools provided an easy-to-use template management system. The creation of all 80 different Winter Warmers coupons was designed uniformly with one another, with the same layout and style, and the same background colour as the directory.

Winter Warmers coupons were built using different categories:
- Retail Therapy
- Accommodation
- Food, Drink & Entertainment
- Health & Fitness
- Hair & Beauty

A “Winter Warmer discount” video was created in order to show visitors how to use and redeem the digital coupons on their phones or tablets. Visitors could scroll through the coupons on their mobile device, select the offer that they wanted, choose the “Use now” option, and show the coupon in store so that the cashier can easily validate the coupon. A simple click on the “Validate” button would mark the coupon as used. Visitors also had the option to select the offers to “Use later.” They could send the coupons to their email addresses, or print the coupons and take them in stores.

Every coupon came with an “Offer Details” button and a “Locations” button. Once you clicked on them, they revealed the terms and conditions and redemption periods, as well as the addresses, phone numbers, and map positions of the participating businesses.

As part of the promotional campaigns for the Het Belang van Limburg newspaper app, a reward was to be given to every newspaper app subscriber who has installed the app and has opted for the subscription option. Only the newspaper subscribers have access to the premium section of the app, along with the additional reward. Each month they receive a different coupon and the first coupon provided to the app subscribers was free entre ticket for Cosmodrome event. The subscribers can learn about the reward within the app, as well as from the Facebook page of the newspaper.

Coupontools has been a significant part of this new initiative from Het Belang van Limburg newspaper to promote their mobile app. Here is how Coupontools has played its part to make the distribution of digital coupon through the newspaper app a successful campaign:

  • Coupontools has been involved since the ideation of the campaign and creation of the coupons to its execution.

  • API connection and integration to the existing newspaper app – to get insights like which specific group of subscribers used the coupon and collect valuable digital data from the subscribers.

  • The digital coupon is designed and developed with an easy validation method that includes a simple coupon redemption button with a validation code.

  • The coupons are also designed to facilitate the subscribers with a flexible expiration date for the coupon, depending on the open date. 


As the world leader in ophthalmic optics and a key player in visual health, the Essilor Group provides solutions to correct, protect and prevent the visual health of the 7.4 billion people in the world. Essilor The Netherlands was able to implement the promotional campaign in their website. The coupon could be redeemed in one of the 335 participating locations.

How the Campaign Worked

Coupontools provided a digital coupon that could be saved from the website. The consumer could save the 50€ discount coupon to their email. The coupon had a Google maps integration with all 335 redeem locations and consumers could click on 'location nearby' to find a dealer close to their GPS location. At checkout the cashier had a unique validation password so Essilor could track the exact redemptions per location.

Save on the go! get the best savings and offers for your favorite restaurants, stores, supermarkets and brands straight to your phone with Deal city. In this app you can find all the local merchants of Nairobi, Kenya. they provide their biggest deals and promotions.

The consumer can find the deals also on the website. Deal City worked with a coupon directory and website banners, on their Facebook page they have more than 18 000 followers.


Being a professional American Football team, the Washington Redskins are based in the Washington metropolitan area. The Redskins play in the NFL as a member of the National Football Conference East division. Forbes reveals that as of 2018, the Redskins are the tenth most valuable franchise in the world, and the fourth most valuable franchise in the NFL.

The Washington Redskins partnered with Coupon Tools to employ proximity marketing by creating a location-based marketing campaign. The strategy increased fan engagement and rewarded fans sitting in the stadium in the form of exciting prizes. Users simply needed to show the coupon to a Redskins Employee at the Giveaways Table to claim their prizes without any hassle. An easy redemption method and an intuitive design allows fans to get engaged and play the scratch & win game.

Here are some of the best features that made the fan engagement campaign a success:

  • Proximity marketing at its best

  • Fans in the stadium get a push notification to play the scratch & win game

  • Integrated in the users’ own sport app

  • Flexible prize including one head prize (such as an autographed football or a signed photo)

  • Quick and hassle-free redemption methods


Elite Shoppers Club aims to boost the economic stability of Barrow County by supporting and promoting patronage of member businesses to ensure a dynamic atmosphere. The company allows consumers to explore more than 200 businesses in Barrow County so that everyone can live and enjoy a better life.

Elite Shoppers Club aimed to make an advanced coupon app (Android + iOS) for their users, featuring several coupon categories. The purpose of the app was to bring both, consumers and local businesses together to operate through a hassle-free platform.

Our expert development team created an intuitive and engaging app, featuring a directory of local businesses, from cleaning to sports and hobbies. There are dozens of offers listed to connect consumers with all local brands. With special in-app coupons from renowned companies, consumers can avail special offers and win premium coupons to score profitable deals.

Some major highlights of the coupon app include:

  • Free coupons

  • Premium coupons

  • Notifications for local deals

  • Loyalty cards

Not only does the app promotes user engagement, it makes sharing easier and faster. It allows users to invite other users to buy a premium coupon plan. Naturally, this means more exposure to local businesses for promoting a successful and profitable economy.

TNT Magazine.jpg

TNT Magazine is a monthly Dutch printed magazine that already exists for more than 20 years in Tenerife.

From the beginning of 2020 the magazine launched an app made by the system of ProfiConnect.

With this system TNT Magazine can provide a better service to their advertisers and readers.

This application contains :

• Daily news

• Discount coupons

• Articles

• Touristic information

• Calendar with events of their advertisers

• List of all the advertisers

• Weekly contest with nice prizes

• TNT online

and much more...

This app has daily more than 3.000 readers 

TNT Magazine / Tenerife